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How do we save water at Hotel Angela?

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We tell you all about it today, on World Water Day.

Surely you have noticed that almost all hotels have now advice on the rooms about how to take care of the environment. For example: "Help us to make a sustainable use of water. If you hang your towel on the towel rail it means that you will use it one more time".

Today we would like to inform you about what we do as a company in terms of responsible water use:

1.    Water saving techniques:

  • -         we implement efficient procedures in the backwashing of our pool filters, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the water without using large quantities of water for the cleaning process.
  • -         We have installed taps with aerators in the rooms, to reduce water consumption without sacrificing the comfort of our guests. In the common areas, we have also installed taps with automatic sensors to minimise water wastage.


2.    Specialised training: our maintenance technicians are trained to ensure the responsible management of our facilities, including the optimal care of our swimming pool.

3.    Automated water treatment system: we have automated the control of water quality through technologies that ensure its correct treatment and efficient use. These systems use purification and disinfection technologies to eliminate impurities and microorganisms, ensuring a safe and healthy water supply for our guests and employees.

4.    Water reuse: We implement water reuse systems that recycle rainwater or water used for hand washing. It is used for watering green areas or filling toilet tanks. In this way we maximise water use by reducing overall water consumption and promoting water conservation.

5.    Preventive maintenance: We carry out regular preventive maintenance on our water installations. This allows us to identify and sort out any possible leaks, breakdowns, or equipment malfunctions, thus ensuring efficient water use and avoiding unnecessary losses due to undetected problems.

6.    Water footprint calculation: this year, we will join the evaluation of our water footprint, to assess our impact on water consumption and management, further committing ourselves to sustainability and care for the resource.

Now, we extend this invitation to you, our guest. During your stay at Hotel Angela, we encourage you to implement simple but significant water saving measures:

  1. -         Reuse your towels and sheets to reduce the frequency of washing.
  2. -         Turn off taps when not in use.
  3. -         Opt for short and efficient showers.

By joining together in this global effort, we ensure that water keeps flowing, bringing harmony among all nations and communities. Let's keep working together for a future where water is accessible to all!

Luisa Gélvez

Quality and Environmental Department

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